Japan International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD Japan) Review

Oasis21 is a bus terminal domed by a massive oval roof. It is usually illuminated in blue during events. The building makes its presence known amidst the nighttime scene of a large city that is Nagoya.

Tokyo Design Center inc. (TDC) Review

Oasis21 is a joint space where a park, a bus terminal, and commercial facilities are housed in multiple layers, and it is crowned by a unique oval glass roof. This glass roof, equipped with a thin water basin, sends fluctuating lights to the underground-level square through the water, thus creating a sensory illusion that one is at the bottom of the sea. At night, blue illumination that follows the concept of “Water Spaceship” is conducted. The walking paths on top of the glass roof are transformed into a celestial space embraced by blue lighting.

Architectural design: Ohbayashi Co., Lighting design: Kaoru Mende (LPA)
Award: Good Lighting Award 2002, Good Design Award 2003

Recommend by
1-11-1 Higashisakura, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 461-0005
Year of Completion
Oct. 2002

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