Hida Sangyo

The technology of bentwood was introduced to the Takayama Region nearly 100 years ago by Western craftsmen who then visited Hida. Hida Sangyo initially emerged as a bentwood furniture manufacturer that utilized the primary forests of the Japanese beech densely covering the surrounding mountains and the human capital of the local craftsmen who possessed extraordinary techniques. Subsequently, Hida Sangyo nurtured Japan’s furniture culture of the Showa period, simultaneously succeeding at exporting its products to the USA. This manufacturer has produced numerous long-seller items known for their remarkable design and quality. Lately, the company has been introducing new trends to the furniture market by experimenting with such untapped resources as knotted wood and wood residue as well as new technologies of soft cedar compression, previously unapplied to furniture making.

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Hida Sangyo
1-82-1 Nada, Takayama City, Gifu 506-0021
Year of Completion
1999 (2013 Renewal Open)

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