Museum HIDA

Inside Hida Earth Wisdom Center, a museum exhibits living and culture ware with a focus on furniture making in the Hida Takayama Region. The history of Hida’s craftsmanship goes back to the Asuka period, when artisans engaged in the construction of palaces and Buddhist temples as a substitute of land tax payments. The exposition that revives the furniture used by the royals a thousand and a few hundred years ago serves as a statement that the culture and technique of woodwork by “Hida’s Craftsmen” is inherited by the present-day architecture and street festival stalls.
The display of Hida’s modern furniture presents a collection of nearly 100 award-winning signature chairs as well as chairs that are outstanding both in terms of comfort and design. The visitors are invited to sit, touch, and experience the comfort of all the exhibited chairs.

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Museum HIDA
900-1 Chishima-machi, Takayama-shi, Gifu 506-0032
Year of Completion
June. 2011

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