Nissin Furniture Crafters

There are many furniture masterpieces created by Motomi Kawakami and other Japanese furniture designers to be found at Nissin, which is renowned for its design and outstanding technology and is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. The company embraces craftsmen of kumiko woodcraft and “Hida Shunkei” lacquer work marked by its engraving techniques. Thus, there is an in-house system wherein the most distinguished furniture design is pursued and delivered, construing Nissin’s unique identity in the furniture market. The company’s modern design that matches the contemporary touch is backed up by such a careful consideration of techniques. Further, Nissin’s practice of selecting the best wood and utilizing it only after a year of air-drying is the foundation that guarantees the company’s pursuit of quality.

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Nissin Furniture Crafters
7-78 Kiriu-machi, Takayama-shi, Gifu 506-0004
Year of Completion
Sep. 2016 Renewal Open

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