Kashiwa is one of the rare furniture makers that employ Toyota Production System at its furniture factories. For instance, they possess a production and shipping system that enables Kashiwa to swiftly deliver a monthly output of over 20,000 interior doors to each of the households that have placed an order. Therefore, they are able to provide a precise delivery time to a buyer, having earned the trust of customers from abroad as well. Moreover, they are the creators of such exquisite furniture as “GECCA” where the backsides of the chairs are made of a sequence of bamboo arranged in a reticular pattern at equal intervals, thus leveraging bamboo’s flexibility and resilience. The head office of the company in Takayama is designed by Architectural Laboratory for Systems Environment Development, managed by Kiyonori Miisho. To enhance the exposition space of the first floor, the second floor is suspended from the roof truss, enacting a new type of wooden construction.

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1-260 kamiokamoto-cho, Takayama-shi, Gifu 506-0055
Year of Completion
Sep, 2015

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