Tsutaya Electrics

Japan Federation of Interior Planner’s Association (JIPA) Review

Tsutaya Electrics is a life-style theme store where civilization (home electronics) and culture (books) merge. It has been designed to pursue a captivating space that one cannot experience if one is shopping online, despite the fact that digital commerce has become mainstream in the world. The interior, occupying over 7000 square meters on two floors, hosts diversely themed sales areas laid out in a seamless manner. Each of the shopping spots are connected by alleys and squares of various sizes surrounded by books on display and achieved through zoning and illumination, creating a space where one can enjoy the richness of transformation sequences, with the sensation of walking in a small town. The lighting produces eight scenes of daytime and sunset; the book street on the second floor has suspended 160-volt bubble lamps, designed by George Nelson, reproducing an image of fluctuating clouds. Further, the presence of old-style craftwork and paintings among other artworks throughout the store, contrasting with cutting-edge digital technologies, creates a multifarious rather than a unitary space.

Architectural / Interior design: Tomoko Ikegai,  Lighting design: Hiromi Tomiya, Sign design: Kenya Hara
Award: Interior Planning Award 2016, JCD (Japanese Commercial Design) Award 2016 Golden Prize, DESIGN EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2016 in Singapore

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Tsutaya Electrics
Terrace Market, Futako Tamagawa Rise S.C. 1-14-1 Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0094
Year of Completion
May, 2015

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