Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo / Sheraton Club Lounge

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Tokyo Design Center inc. (TDC) Review

The premises of Miyako Hotel—adjacent to the vast territory of “Happo-en” garden, to which the entrepreneur and politician Fusanosuke Kuhara devoted his heart and soul—is a place where the residence of the well-known economic and political figure Aiichiro Fujiyama was once located. The garden exerts a sense of dynamic magnetism achieved through the skillful utilization of difference in its ground levels. Upon the large-scale remodeling of the second-floor area, the surrounding scenery played a crucial role as a constituting element; the club lounge has its grandiose window facing the garden, thus creating a strong sense of connection between the internal and external spaces of the hotel. The interior of the lounge is adorned with key colors of the Japanese color palette, such as vermillion red, black, white, and indigo blue, together with the symbolic Japanese materials of lacquer, handmade paper, and faceted glass, all adding intensity to the complexion of the space. Affiliated with Sheraton, it preserves the gracefulness of Japanese interiors and has the DNA of Kyoto Miyako Hotel flowing through it. When looking upon the lounge from the elevator hall, one can notice shelves with exquisite pieces of craftwork that could be found in a gallery, presenting the enjoyable sight of modern Japan’s artwork.

Interior design: ilya co. / Ryuichiro Imasaka, Kaoru Namikawa,  Lighting design: sola associates

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Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo / Sheraton Club Lounge
1-1-50, Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8640
Year of Completion
Renovation: Oct. 2015

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