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Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association (JCD) Review

Photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto, responsible for the design of the restaurant, has been a collector of antiques for a long time. Among the artifacts gathered by him, there are parts of ancient architecture, giving forth to the imaginations of other spaces: one of his current activities is to create design inspired by the energy of these relics. His creations are utterly beautiful but unsettling to some extent. They look if they are hallucinations coming from memories of gathering the products of civilization. It is as if the items have been devised outside the design perspective, thus differing from the space created by the designer. However, the resulting work cannot be accused of being exorbitant, as in Japan there exists such a ludicrous space as a tea room.

Interior design: Hiroshi Sugimoto + Tomoyuki Sakakida
Award: JCD Design Award 2014 Gold Prize

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sahsya kanetanaka
oak omotesando 2F, 3-6-1 KiraAoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061
Year of Completion
Mar. 2013

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