View of the Intermediatheque main entrance
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View of the Intermediatheque 2F permanent exhibition
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View of the Intermediatheque foyer exhibition
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View of the Guimet Room Memorial Exhibition "Small Chamber of Curiosities" within the Intermediatheque
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Horse skeleton specimen in the Intermediatheque permanent exhibition
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Museography © UMUT works 2013-

Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association (JCD) Review

‘INTERMEDIATHEQUE’ was established in the JP Tower which was developed from the former Tokyo Central Post Office building to a large-scale free-of-charge museum and a shop arcade ‘KITTE’. It was re-edited as a cultural facility attempting a dynamic synthesis with a commercial facility. Following the perspective of retrofuturism, artificial display methods and materials such as brass, copper, and iron mold link the 19th-century museum’s space and the 20th-century modernistic design.

General Supervision: Yoshiaki Nishino, Director, The University Museum, the University of Tokyo (UMUT); Museum Planning: UMUT; Museum Design: Intermediatheque Department, UMUT + Tanseisha Co. Ltd. + Simplicity Co. Ltd.; Exhibition Design: Intermediatheque Department, UMUT
Award: JCD Design Award 2013 Gold Prize, DSA Space Design 2013 Grand Prize, Good Design Award 2013

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KITTE 2-3F 2-7-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-7003
Year of Completion
Mar. 2013

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