iGUANEYE Aoyama Main Store


Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association (JCD) Review

iGUANEYE, originally a footwear brand, designed by Olivier Taco from Paris, draws its inspiration from the lifestyle of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon The world’s first iGUANEYE store in Tokyo’s most bustling area called Aoyama dedicates its full space for the sales of the footwear. Precisely calculated using the algorithmic methods, the space acts in concord with the revolutionary concept of this brand’s “second-skin” style footwear, which are made of soft rubber that cleaves to one’s skin. The store all-white plain composition appears to be complex reproduced sequences of living cells. Its complexity within simplicity is akin to Japanese traditional “haiku” poetry. None of the 990 triangular aluminum panels are exactly the same as they were assembled by hand with the help of 10,000 screws.

Interior design: Soichi Mizutani Design Office Co., Ltd. / Soichi Mizutani
Award: JCD Design Award 2015

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iGUANEYE Aoyama Main Store
5-6-14 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
Year of Completion
September, 2014

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